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Here at Low Nest Studio's John & Alison are committed to providing an excellent quality of service for our guests whilst also minimising the environmental impact of our activities. By doing so we hope (albeit in a small way) to help maintain the beauty of the Lake District National Park for the enjoyment of visitors and local people alike. We have assessed our activities and have identified that our significant environmental impacts are:-

Production of waste food packaging and the energy used to provide heating and lighting.

In order to promote good environmental practices, our policy with regard to the environment is as follows

  • We aim to identify the significant environmental impacts of our activities and mitigate them where reasonable.

  • To develop suitable objectives, targets, applying appropriate measures to minimise our significant environmental during normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

  • To comply with relevant legislation, regulation and other requirements relating to our significant environmental impacts.

  • To prevent pollution, minimise our inputs of utilities and resources and the outputs of emissions to the atmosphere, effluents to water/sewers and wastes to disposal facilities, endeavouring to re-use, recover or recycle materials where practical.

  • To ensure the environmental responsibilities are defined, communicated and understood by our staff and provide appropriate training where needed.

  • To ensure our suppliers understand what we are trying to achieve with our environmental policy, assisting them where appropriate to minimise our environmental impact.

  • To communicate, co-operate and respond to the views of interested parties, including stakeholders, customers and the general public, on environmental issues, where this is practicable and likely to result in an overall improved environmental performance.

  • To strive for continual improvement in overall environmental performance.


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